college ministryThe main objective of the ministry is to let our students know that their church family supports them and is praying for their safety and success along the way.

We want them to know that they have not been forgotten and want to encourage them in their studies and day-to-day life.  We ask for various groups within the church (i.e. Sunday School classes, Christian Women Ministries, etc.) to sponsor a college student or more than one if they choose.  Each student is given an information sheet to complete that gives us their birthday and some of their favorite things like cookies, favorite color, movies, etc.   The surprises in the mailboxes on campus and at homes is a big plus!

The sheets are given to the sponsors and they take it from there, sending “Care Packages” to the students throughout the year.

Do you have a college student that is not on our list?  Call the church office, 502-223-2346.