Disciples seek to increase respect, understanding, and co-operation among believers of all denominations. Attempting to hold true to the teachings of Jesus and the practices of the early church, we strive for a faith which is socially relevant to the era in which we live, intellectually sound, emotionally satisfying, and spiritually disciplined.

No attempt is made to impose a creed or formal doctrines or traditional interpretations upon members. There is no attempt to force religious ideas or theological concepts into a mold to which Disciples must assent. In doctrinal matters, members are accorded the freedom of private interpretation and the right to individual judgment, guided by the Spirit.

Disciples are united and yoked by essential belief in the central theme of the New Testament: Jesus Christ is the son of the Savior of humankind. On all other matters, Disciples recognize the right of members to complete freedom of opinion. “In essential – unity; In non essentials – Liberty; In all things – charity.”


For more information, refer to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) website.